Spain is one of the biggest and most unique places in all of Europe. Jam-packed with gorgeous beaches, mystical mountains, and small towns scattered across the centre, Spain has lots of different places to visit on offer. Not to mention it’s rich culture and absolutely delicious food!

Small medieval towns are common and are amazing to spend a day to explore. Rich with history, authentic Spanish culture and walkable in size makes these little towns not only a history lesson but an awesome way to step back into time and appreciate Spanish culture.

Spain has lots of hidden secrets, but Toledo is by far my favourite! Below is everything you need to know about Toledo…

So Where is Toledo?

The small city of Toledo is located just a one-hour bus drive or train trip out of the well-known Spanish city of Madrid. This ancient city sits on top of a hill above the plains of Castilla-La Mancha in central Spain. It’ll cost you as little as €5 to get to Toledo from Madrid! Toledo is also considered a UNESCO world heritage site!


What You Can Explore

Exploring Toledo reminded me of exploring a medieval castle, and it turns out this is pretty much the case. The city is surrounded by huge, high walls which encapsulates the winding streets and medieval features of the city. Toledo is also well-known for its mixture of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. This means there are lots of different types of monuments and areas to explore.

From monasteries to museums, Toledo has plenty of awesome history to offer. These places are definitely worth visiting for a truly authentic Spanish feel. The most popular places to visit in Toledo are the Toledo Cathedral, the Museum of Santa Cruz and Plaza de Zocodover.

When I was in Toledo I was reaching the end of a 3 month trip around Europe, so I was on a pretty tight budget by then. But I still found plenty of things to do! My favourite thing to do was to wander around the ancient streets and explore the fascinating old buildings. It really made me feel like I was wandering around the walls of the medieval castle…

Toledo is also surrounded by a river, which was another fun thing to walk around and explore. But the centre of town is just as good, filled with lots of different restaurants with delicious Spanish food, and heaps of different weaponry shops were you can pick up some medieval style swords and knives.

My Top 3 Activities to Book