Sea Acres Rainforest is a perfect example of how unique Port Macquarie can be for tourists. Complete with the sounds of Australian wildlife, the rustling of leaves from the animals at the forest floor, and the calming sound of ocean waves in the background distance, its no wonder that this beautiful sanctuary attracts so many people!

Sea Acres is somewhere that pretty much caters to anyone of any age group. It has its own cafe, gift shop, kids corner, and of course the amazing 1.3km walk around the gorgeous rainforest. I found that Sea Acres was a gorgeous place to visit for tourists and locals alike.

About the Beachside Rainforest

The Sea Acres Rainforest Centre sits within the Sea Acres National Park which stretches along most of the coast of Port Macquarie. The Sea Acres rainforest is classed as a Littoral rainforest, which means that it occurs close to the ocean and on headlands. Sea Acres is the remnants of a rainforest once found along most of the Mid North Coast.

The beautiful littoral rainforest has more than 345 plant species, over 90 species of birds and 21 mammal species! This makes it an awesome place to visit because there’s always so many different things to see as you walk through the rainforest. It really is an awesome experience to listen to the different sounds of the rainforest, such as Australian birds chirping, mammals rustling in the leaves below and the calming sound of trees moving in the coastal wind.

A Scenic Walk

Sea Acres Rainforest Centre has its own scenic Rainforest Boardwalk, which is definitely the highlight of visiting the centre. The 1.3km walk takes you through the rainforest, above the rainforest floor, where you can admire all of the tall, different trees, listen to the sounds of the rainforest, and if you’re lucky you might get the chance to see some Australian wildlife…

Access to the boardwalk does come at a cost, however, it is definitely a worthwhile experience. It costs $9 for an adult and $5 for a child, which does also include a free guided or self-guided tour. The boardwalk is an easy walk for anyone of any age and goes in a loop around the rainforest. Every couple of meters there is an information placard about a species of tree or an animal, which contains information about the species, its use for aboriginals and where it can be found.

Overall the boardwalk is a very calming and interactive experience. It’s incredible to see all of the native wildlife and trees, without having to travel too far away from Port Macquarie!

Other Extras

As well as the boardwalk, Sea Acres Rainforest Centre has an interactive kids area. The interactive area contains lots of information and activities for kids to do while they walk around the rainforest. There is also a gift shop which has lots of things made by local artists, Australian themed toys, and plants.

There is also an outdoor Rainforest Cafe where you can have breakfast or lunch surrounded by the sounds of native Australian animals, and the calming rainforest wind. It’s an awesome experience which Port Macquarie is so lucky to offer.

You can find out more about Sea Acres Nature reserve here…

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